Wolf River Slow No Wake Weekend Update

The Town of Wolf River would like to welcome boaters to this busy summer season. Just a few quick updates as our local communities have been working hard to develop better & safer boating policies.

Ten large lit buoys have been added to mark the beginning and the end of the slow no wake areas on the Wolf River from the mouth of Lake Poygan through Partridge Lake in Fremont.

New buoys were also added to blind corners where needed and this brings the total to 36 buoys all with lights on top and large anchors to keep them in place.

TOWN OF WOLF RIVER – Ordinance change and new river signage

Slow-No-Wake @ mouth of the Lake Poygan & Boom Cut

Slow-No-Wake @ Chico’s Corner/Orihula up to Triangle Farm Campground

Slow-No-Wake now begins at 6 P.M. on Friday and ends at 12 Midnight on Sunday night in the Town of Wolf River

This year, Friday the 5th of July is also a Slow-No-Wake Day under the new “Holiday” hours or Gap Day.  Any future year the 4th of July falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, the Monday before or the Friday after will also be included as a slow no wake day per the Town of Wolf River Ordinance #10. (See website)

 In the last 6 months there have been many discussions and meetings in regards to making boating on the Wolf River safer for all boaters.  In the last many years, the number of boaters, the size of the boats, and the speeds of the boats has increased immensely.

We would like to thank the Fremont Chamber for their help in funding these much-needed improvements in marking the river with signage and buoys.

Thank you to all the various communities along our river that support our businesses, tourism, & make the Wolf River a great place for all to enjoy.  Welcome to summer on the Wolf River!  Make it a safe one! Be Kind and Respectful to your fellow boaters.