Recycling Guidelines

Recycling guidelines

The Town of Wolf River requires its residents to recycle.  Recently, a number of residents have become more careless when it comes to recycling and we need to redouble our efforts to get back on track when it comes to recycling to keep unnecessary items from going into our landfills.  The following is a list of items you should be recycling:

Plastics:  All food, beverage & household bottles, jars, and jugs.  Dairy containers and lids. Deli, bakery & produce containers and lids.   (NOT plastic wrap, plastic bags, Styrofoam, motor oil)

Metal:  Aluminum bottles & cans, steel, tin & bi-metal cans, beer & soda cans. (NOT aluminum pans or foil, empty paint cans or large/bulky scrap metal items)

Paper:  Newspaper & inserts, cardboard & paperboard (cereal box and the like), junk mail & catalogs, office & school paper, milk, juice, and soup cartons, phone books, magazines, & books.  (NOT paper contaminated with food or grease, tissue paper, gift wrap)

Glass:  Food & beverage bottles and jars, wine bottles, liquor bottles. (NOT window glass, ceramics, china or drinking glasses).

It is NO LONGER NECESSARY to separate these items as they will be separated at the recycling facility automatically.  You may place all items in a 30-50 gallon garbage can – remember that a real person has to lift this can so do not overfill it!

Items like tires, TV’s, bikes, computers and computer components, cell phones, microwaves, furniture, lawn chairs, washer, dryers, fluorescent bulbs, batteries, propane tanks are NOT ALLOWED to be recycled curbside.  These items must be recycled at the Winnebago County Waste Collection facility at the Sunnyview Transfer Station in Oshkosh.

For more information visit us at: or call 920.232.1850  or 920.727.2896.


***** If you have questions about the amount or size of your garbage please call Grachien in advance of pickup day at 920-982-4116.  If the amount of your garbage regularly exceeds the allowed amount (2 yards), you would fall under the commercial garbage amount and will need to make arrangements to have a container dropped at your site at your own cost for garbage pickup.


Thank you for being part of the solution and not part of the problem!!