Board of Review

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Beginning at 4:00 p.m.

PLEASE BE ADVISED OF THE FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS to appear before the Board of Review and procedural requirements if appearing before the Board:

          No person may appear before the Board of Review, testify to the Board by telephone or contest the amount of assessment unless, at least 48 hours before the first meeting of the Board or at least 48 hours before the objection is heard if the objection is allowed because the person has been granted a waiver of the 48-hour notice of an intent to file a written objection by appearing before the Board during the first two hours of the meeting and showing good cause for failure to meet the 48-hour notice requirement and files a written objection, that the person provides to the Clerk of the Board of Review notice as to whether the person will ask for removal of any Board members and, if so, which member will be removed and the person’s reasonable estimate of the length of time that the hearing will take.

          When appearing before the Board, the person shall specify, in writing the person’s estimate of the value of the land and of the improvements that are the subject of the person’s objection and specify the information that the person used to arrive at that estimate. Please look under Notices for all additional requirements.

Susan J. Gilbert, Clerk


PLEASE visit the Wisconsin Department of Revenue for the necessary form and find lots of helpful information regarding the Board of Review.

Respectfully submitted,

   Susan J. Gilbert, Clerk